Richard & Loraine Beever

We thought back to our experience of buying a house 12 years previously and one agent had really impressed us, Paul Booker.

Paul took more trouble than most to understand our wants and needs and got us to look at houses that could work for us even though we had rejected them on a sift through of particulars. That is the sort of agent we wanted to sell our house.

Our Experience

We put our house on the market with Waterside Properties now McCarthy and Booker we were happy with the valuation. Georgie McCarthy managed our marketing and we sold relatively trouble free. Even when your house sale goes through pretty smoothly there are stages in the process which are stressful. The team at McCarthy and Booker are very experienced, have seen it all before and used their experience to encourage and calm our anxieties. The whole team were professional but friendly, they all knew what was going on and were always available and responsive.

Georgie also found us our new house, the team did take the trouble to understand our hopes and dreams, that enabled them to match us to a our current home.

They understand property is not just bricks, mortar and facilities, it is principally an enabler for ones lifestyle.

They held our hands through the whole process and we would strongly recommend them.

(The team did hold our hands through the process, but they must have been a little clumsy, as they also touched our hearts.)

Richard and Loraine

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